ECB Case Study: Dave's Personal Shop

ECB Case Study: Dave's Personal Shop

Project: Dave's Personal Shop

While working on the ideal design for his 2,600 sq. ft. shop, Dave hit a bit of a flooring snag.

He knew he wanted the flooring to have a sleek, simple look that would help to section out and optimize the workspace. His vision for the shop included a nice, clean tile pattern that would be the same darker color under the cars and along the middle walk path.

The concrete company had cut expansion joints in the slab every 10 feet, throwing a potential wrench in his flooring plan. He did not want the expansion joints showing every 10 feet and disrupting the tile pattern. Plus, he knew he needed to make sure his flooring could hold up against the heavy-duty machinery in the shop. He had to make sure the weight of the lift, vehicles and heavy farm tractors wouldn't compress or negatively impact the flooring — that's where ECB Crack Isolation Membrane comes in.

Dave was recommended ECB by Paul Mudd. This product is rated "Extra Heavy Duty," eliminating the point load concerns, while allowing for the expansion joints to be located between the garage doors, giving him a clean slate to lay the floor out exactly how Dave wanted.

The result? A durable, aesthetically pleasing shop floor.

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