Supporting You From the Ground Up

National Applied Construction (NAC) Products, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company based in Akron, Ohio.

For more than 35 years, NAC has been an industry leader in flooring and surface protection systems with its products among the most preferred by architects, contractors and consultants.

In 1983, our Elastomeric Crack Bridging (ECB®) anti-fracture membrane revolutionized the way decorative floors were installed. This has since led to an extensive line of crack isolation, waterproofing, sound control and moisture barrier solutions proven to outperform the competition.

At NAC, we are firmly committed to providing environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective solutions to protect your flooring investment. We are dedicated to supporting you from the ground up.

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Our Company

Family owned and operated for more than 35 years, National Applied Construction (NAC) Products, Inc. solves the industry’s most prevalent problems with innovative products and quality workmanship.

Our Products

In 1983, NAC founder Tom Duve noticed the American tile industry’s need for reliable solutions to cracked tile within commercial and residential applications. This led to the pioneering of a new membrane system that solved an age-old problem and allowed for contractors to confidently install ceramic surface stone with a guarantee that the product wouldn’t crack due to substrate expansion and contraction. That groundbreaking product was none other than the Elastomeric Crack Bridging (ECB®) anti-fracture membrane.

ECB marked just the beginning of NAC’s innovative capabilities. ECB’s unique technology literally secured the path toward innovations in crack isolation, waterproofing and sound control that still distinguish NAC from the competition today. Super SAM® 125 also marked a turning point for the company. Super SAM 125 is a revolutionary sound control system that achieves supreme impact and airborne sound ratings and continues to be the most trusted membrane for use in high rise, residential and commercial units.

Our Promise

Founded and operated in Akron, Ohio (also known as the “City of Invention”) we are committed to our values as an American company. All of our products are produced in the United States, even down to the raw materials. We are proud to produce high-performance products for our customers and the flooring industry, having expanded to bring secure flooring all around the world.

Our membrane products contain low-to-no VOCs and are certified Clean Air GOLD in conformance with the California Department of Public Health Standard Method v 1.2: Private Office and School Classroom as conducted by Intertek. This certification measures the environmental impact of product VOC emissions for Indoor Air Quality and supports our commitment to promote environmentallyfriendly sustainable products in the marketplace.

Our Family

Founder Tom Duve built NAC into the family-oriented business it continues to be today. The NAC name itself is a dual-purpose acronym: known industry wide as “National Applied Construction,” NAC also stands for the names of Tom’s Children: Nick, Andy and Christie. These family principles continue under the leadership of Tom’s son-in-law and current president of NAC Brian Petit. Brian states, “Since 1983, family members have worked within the business to keep it growing. We’ve kept our traditions of family values and American manufacturing alive and it’s present in everything we produce at NAC.”

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